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The Temple Street Foundation have been raising funds since 2000 to enable Temple Street Children’s University Hospital to continue to provide world class care to Ireland’s sickest children. Our one important goal is to help save the lives of critically ill children in Ireland, now and for generations to come. Everyday parents place their trust in our amazing doctors and nurses to make their brave little ones better. We work with the hospital to make sure every child gets the future they deserve. It is only with the help of our wonderful supporters that we are able to buy state of the art equipment, fund research and put life back into tired old wards. So far we are very proud to say, the Temple Street Foundation has successfully raised €40 million to help tackle this. However, our struggle is ongoing. Many of our sickest kids depend on machines donated by you to stay alive. So we urge you; please keep helping us help them.

Every year we raise funds to redevelop hospital wards, fund vital equipment & services and invest in research, to stay at the forefront of paediatric healthcare. But this year we are continuing to work hard on most ambitious project yet – and we need your help. Temple Street is the national centre of excellence for paediatric Neurology and Renal Dialysis & Transplantation. The expert care in these units is a life-line for children all over Ireland – but our facilities let our patients and their families down. The doctors and nurses in Temple Street try their best to look after children in the current environment but that’s not what they need. The requirement is very different. The truth is the facilities are completely inadequate.

The Neurology Unit specialises in the diagnosis and management of children with complex disorders such as Meningitis, Stroke and Brain Tumours; and every child in Ireland who presents with kidney problems is referred to Temple Street for diagnosis and treatment

At the beginning of 2015, we set a two-year goal to raise €5million in order to build a new Renal and Neurology Outpatients Unit that enables our doctors and nurses to care for critically ill children in an appropriate environment. This new unit is long overdue – it is not a compliment or a luxury – it is a necessity and a foundation that is needed for optimal patient care.

Key Issues

• Space – The service has grown exponentially over the last 12 years. More than 101 kidney transplants have taken place in Temple Street since 2002 and the current facilities are not fit for purpose. In Neurology, at any given time there could be 80 staff, patients and family members on the ward pressing upon  very limited and exhausted facilities.

• Cross infection – A lot of the children that attend the Renal Outpatients Unit are post-transplant and therefore are vulnerable to infection. They should be treated in Isolation but currently we do not have the facilities to do this, therefore they are at risk every time they attend the hospital.

• Accessibility – Most of the children who attend Neurology are wheelchair users and there is only one small lift servicing the department – when it breaks down parents have to carry children up 80 steps. There is one tiny bathroom which is not wheelchair friendly.

It is thanks to donations and our amazing supporters that, for the past 15 years, we have been able to help the hospital care for thousands of sick children every year. But we are far from finished.