Baby Proofing Your Home: The Ultimate Checklist

Even before your baby starts crawling, they could still encounter hazards in the home. For peace of mind, it’s best to baby proof your home before the little one even arrives. Then once baby starts to crawl (anytime from 6-10 months onwards) take a second sweep of the home to double-check it’s a safe place for a baby on the move.  At Baby Elegance, we have a full range of home safety items to lock your fridge, toilet, windows, cupboards… The list goes on!

Here’s how to baby proof a house:

  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on every story of the house.
  • Get a fire extinguisher and make sure you know how to use it.
  • Stock your medicine cabinet but ensure it is high enough and secured shut.
  • Add emergency contacts and medical information to your phone that can be accessed even in lock mode. This is a really handy feature of the smartphone and is quick and easy to set up – check google for instructions.
  • Put non-slip pads under all rugs.
  • Cover all sharp furniture edges and corners with bumpers or safety padding.
  • Use safety plugs on all open power outlets.
  • Latch closed any drawers, doors or cupboards within baby’s reach, especially the cleaning products and medicine.
  • Get rid of any blinds or curtains with looped cords, or install safety tassels and cord stops to tuck away the cords.
  • Always unplug and store electric appliances that aren’t in use (iron, hair tools, etc.)
  • If you plan to hook a high chair to your kitchen table, check that the table is sturdy and strong.
  • Keep your child out of the fridge with these handy fridge locks.
  • Position the crib out of reach from lamps, wall decoration, and any loose cords.
  • If your little one is a door slammer, we have Finger Pinch Door Guards to protect their fingers getting pinched by a closing door. When the door is fully closed, it conveniently hangs on the doorknob where it’s easy to access when needed again.
  • Avoid losing your phone to the toilet bowl by getting handy little toilet locks.
  • Install baby gates to the top and bottom of the stairs so they can’t get up or down with an adult present.
  • Make sure bath time is safe by installing no-slip strips on the bottom of your tub and a thermometer to ensure the temperature of the water is just right.
  • Be mindful of what you leave lying around. If anything breaks (glass, crockery, bulbs) it’s a good idea to take it outside to the bin as soon as possible. If you are using anything dangerous and/or sharp (batteries, knives, etc.) keep them away from little hands. If you’re having a cup of tea, place the cup out of reach. If you’re cooking, keep the pot handles tucked over hob when possible.

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