Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mattresses


Is a polyurethane foam mattress safe for babies?

Yes, any of the Baby Elegance mattresses that are created using foam meet the highest of safety standards in the UK and Europe.


Should you buy a new mattress for your second baby?

This comes down to a few factors. We would only suggest doing this if it was your own mattress and wouldn’t recommend taking from a friend or buying online. You should always ensure that it was stored well and is free from damage before using it again.


How thick should a baby mattress be?

The depth of the mattress depends on where it is being used. For example, a Moses or crib size would usually be 3-5cm whereas a cot should be 10cm. Always check the user manual for the cot or crib to find out what mattress size is intended for that item.


Can you wash a foam baby mattress?

Washing a foam mattress can be tricky, it depends on the makeup of the mattress. Foam can take a long time to dry and thus can pick up mould and mildew during the drying stage. You might also cause damage to the mattress.


How do I clean a baby mattress?

Remove the cot mattress, cover, or any bedding. These can usually be thrown in the laundry and safely washed with detergent.

Scrub the mattress all over with warm water and a gentle detergent. Make sure you thoroughly wipe the detergent from the cot mattress to ensure that no residue is left.

Always make sure the mattress has fully dried before adding the cover back on.


Is it safe to incline a baby mattress?

This is not recommended.

Current recommendations suggested that the safest way for your baby to sleep is in an empty cot or crib without the use of wedges or positioners.


Are foam or sprung mattresses best for baby cots?

Today we have lots of options for your babies mattress. We have Foam, Fibre, memory foam and pocket spring.

Choosing the right mattress for you will depend on where it is being used. For example, if you are buying a mattress for a cot bed then maybe a fibre or pocket spring mattress might be the right option as it offers all-over body support for your baby/toddler.


Can my baby lie on a pillow and have a mattress in the cot?

It is not recommended for your baby to lie on a pillow. All mattresses must comply to BS EN 16890 for sale in Europe. Pillows would not comply with these standards and may cause injury to your baby.


Can I use a second-hand mattress for my baby?

This is not something we would recommend. Sheep is so important for your babies devolvement so you want to ensure they are sleeping on a clean safe mattresses that you know comply to the relevant safety standards.


Do I need to spend a fortune on a baby mattress?

Absolutely not! At Baby Elegance we have a wide range of mattresses to suit all budgets with prices starting from €25/£22. All of our mattresses are hand made in Ireland for over 40 years and receive the same quality standards.


Is it normal for a baby mattress to smell?

Initially on opening you mattresses, if there is a slight smell there is no need for concern. This will usually pass in a short time and is not harmful. This can be caused by packaging. However, if your mattress has a strong odour after using it might be a sign that it needs to be cleaned or checked for dampness.


Now that you know all that you need to know, go back and check out our amazing range of baby mattresses!