Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cot Beds



How long is a cot bed?
A cot bed tends to be the standard size of 70 x 140cm internal size


When do I move a toddler from cot to bed?
The recommendation would be to keep the cot bed in cot mode as long as possible for safety. On average it is around 2 years of age when most parents will remove the sides and convert.


How do we transition them from cot to bed?
To convert most cot beds to bed mode you simply have to remove the sides and adjust the base fitting to the ends. Make sure to keep the fittings if you plan to convert back or pass on the cot bed.


Which cot bed should I buy?
Depending on your budget Baby Elegance have a wide range of cot beds starting from €160.


What’s the difference between a cot and a cot bed?
A got generally is smaller (60 x 120cm internal dimension) and does not convert to a bed later. A cot bed tends to be 70 x 140cm and can later convert to a junior bed up to the age of around 4 years.


How long do cot beds usually last?
A cot bed generally lasts from birth – 4 years of age.


When do I lower the cot bed?
It is time to lower the base of a cot or cot bed when your baby can roll over unaided or sit up unaided. This means there is a possibility they could climb over the side so it is time to lower the base.


Do you use cot bed mattress protectors on their own?
It would be recommended to use a fitted sheet over the mattress protector as some protectors do not have a soft finish.


How do I adjust the height of the cot bed?
To adjust the base you simply remove the 4 bolts from the base and lower into the position you require and bolt the base back into place.


How do I move my baby from moses basket to cot bed?
This transition can be hard for baby and parent but if possible maybe try to have the cot or cot bed in the room with you for a few nights to let baby get used to the new bed whilst still close to you.