Sleep Accessories

There is nothing more beautiful than one of our traditional Moses Baskets to lay your precious little bundle in. It is perfect as a first bed for your newborn baby. They will look beautiful wherever you place them in your nursery or elsewhere in your home.

Our Moses baskets are generally made from Maize which means that they will have soft sides. If you need a basket with solid sides for baby to feel snug in, we also have baskets made from wicker.

The super soft polycotton lining within our baskets can be removed and machine washed if necessary and they also have a little hood to block out light for your sleeping newborn.

Our baskets are suitable from birth to approx. 4 months, however, this will depend on the length of your baby – if your baby is particularly long, they may need to move to their big bed sooner.

Your basket can be moved easily from room to nursery or anywhere in your home as it has beautiful handles.

Our Moses baskets also come with the option of a nursery stand that rocks from side to side or a stationary one that can be folded away. This is ideal when you are sleeping at night so you can always see your baby.

Talk to us about your baby’s needs and we’ll use all of our more than 35 years experience to help you choose the right solution.

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