Baby Elegance supply the finest quality mattresses for newborn babies to toddlers. We have been producing our own baby mattresses here in Dublin for over 40 years. We are well known for our high standards when it comes to our mattresses along with our competitive prices.

Your baby will spend most of their time sleeping so your choice of mattress is really important to ensure they get good quality sleep.

Our range of Baby Mattresses won’t disappoint either. We have many different sizes from crib mattresses, baby cot, travel cot, Moses basket mattresses and Cot Bed mattresses.

Our breathe-dry fibre mattresses have a washable removable cover and prevent your baby from developing allergies because dust mites cannot live in them – if asthma is something that runs in your family, this may be the mattress for you.

Baby Elegance mattresses are created using foam that meets the highest of safety standards in the UK and Europe.

That is just one of our many types of baby cot mattresses available. If you need any help choosing your mattress please don’t hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to help with any questions you might have so that your little one can have a good night’s sleep. Or check out our mattresses FAQs here.

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