The Tux pushchair makes getting out and about with your little one easier than ever before!

When designing a pushchair we have a few really important questions we ask ourselves at Baby Elegance:

  • How to we make it as easy to use for day to day life?
  • How to make it as safe as we can for your precious cargo?
  • How to make it strong enough to withstand the rigorous roads and surfaces yet light enough to easily carry when on the go?
  • Making it a smooth and comfortable ride for baby whether they are trying to sleep on the go or view the world.
  • Lastly how to make it looks super stylish whilst covering all the essentials

Because this is a Pushchair rather than a Travel System we were able to tick so many boxes with the TUX.

We listened to parents around the world and understood that one of the main functions they want to achieve with the ability to use the pushchair from birth (full lie back) and to be able to fold it up as small as possible for transport. Be that in the car boot, public transport or going on holidays.

The TUX can fold down to one of the smallest pushchairs available today at a tiny 50 x 23 x 45cm

This allows you to be able to take this on-board flights as it fits in the overhead compartment eliminating the fear of it being damaged when you land in your holiday destination.

The backrest has a multi-position strap system which allows you to tilt the seat at so many angles offering your baby the most comfortable journey possible. This means the TUX cab to be used from birth right up to about 4 years of age.

It’s light too… The TUX weighs in at 6.2kg and has a perfectly positioned handle so moving it around is super easy.

Some of the other features include:

  • Leather-look handle and bumper bar making it not only comfortable to push but super stylish
  • Built in sun visor in the hood to help protect your little one from the sun.
  • Rain cover for the days the sun doesn’t come out to say hello
  • Rear suspension to help combat those bumpy paths and allow your child to have a comfortable journey
  • Carrier bag to help protect the pushchair when travelling
  • Large shopping basket underneath given the size of the pushchair

The TUX is a pushchair that won’t disappoint but of course, we here at Baby Elegance are gonna say that aren’t we! So here are a few other reviews on the TUX to check out for yourself:


Elena said “We’ve switched to the new Baby Elegance TUX pushchair, and it’s been such a smart change”

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The guys here gave the TUX a whopping 4.5 out of 5.