If you have driven with children in the car, you will be familiar with the common soundtrack of “Are we there yet?” and “I need the toilet!” The best way to combat this? Distraction! Check out our check list of the essential tips to keep kids entertained on long journeys:


  1. Let your kids know where they are going and get them excited about the destination. Talk them through what will happen when you get there so they have something to look forward to.
  2. Snacks are essential – I repeat, essential! Bananas are a good option to avoid sugar crashes, and raisins are good as they take longer to eat.
  3. Play some traditional group games like “I Spy” and when you run out of things to spy out of the window, play “I don’t spy” with all things random and obscure and not in sight. It really opens the imagination up, but it can go on for forever and a day! Counting cars of a particular colour is another popular game (again, be warned the kids might continue to do this long after the journey is over, in some cases – for years!) Check out some of our range of car seats here.
  4. Activity books – drawing, colouring or puzzles can be a fantastic distraction for your little ones. Nice, cheap and portable too. We have lots of travel accessories online.
  5. iPads/tablets – the fail-safe option. Just make sure you charge the device before setting off and download the films the night before to avoid meltdowns.
  6. Audio books are a great way to keep your kids engaged without the dreaded screen time. They are particularly good for those who get car sick.
  7. Frequent pit stops for toilet breaks and to stretch your legs are really important. When possible, plan to stop at scenic places so you can have a nice run around and picnic.
  8. Bring a bag of age-appropriate toys. Leave some in the back seat within reach of your kids. It’s also great to keep a small selection hidden in the front so you can pull them out and surprise the kids when morale dips and they are sick of what they already have.


Good luck and bon voyage!