We are delighted to be signed up to the RSA’s Code of Practice for Child Car Seat Retailers. The RSA have launched a new voluntary road safety strategy

Before you buy a child car seat, call in to us and we will help you choose the right seat for your child’s height, weight and age, and we’ll make sure it’s suitable for the car you drive.

What’s involved?

Expert training

  • All our nursery experts staff who advise customers on child car seats receive professional manufacturer training regularly to ensure the seat you choose is fitted correctly to avoid fatal injury in event of a collision.
  • This training covers the fitting of those brands of seats sold in store.
  • This training ensures our team have the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise to offer our customers.

Assess the child

All child car seats have recommended weight of the child / heights / ages.

  • We will measure the child’s weight and height and ask about their age to find out what seats would suit them.

Assess the car

Once we have assessed the child to see what child car seats are available for them, we will then assess the car that the seat will be used in.

  • A visual inspection or asking customers specific questions will highlight any known visible dangers such as moulded sports seats, underfloor storage compartments, or anything else that would prevent a safe fitting.
  • We may use manufacturer ‘child car seat fit lists’ (these suggest whether car seats are compatible with certain cars).

We will offer education

You will receive all the information and education you need to make an informed decision on what child car seat is suitable for your child and for your car.

You can be assurance that there is ongoing advice and guidance available to you from ourselves in the future. This support will come after the initial fitting of the child car seat when you are buying it, e.g. customer support, advice or arranging a re-fit or demonstration.

The RSA have also launched their check it fits service and you will see them travel around the country over the coming months.