When I found out I was pregnant, I already had two kids aged 10 and 6. I found out a few days before I was even due my period, I’m not really sure why I did a test so early.

I actually had a cup of tea the day before and it tasted funny to me, that was the only thing that made me suspect as I remember having that metallic taste in my mouth with my other two pregnancies before I found out. So I knew from very early on!

Our kids were so happy, we told my daughter very early on as due to Covid and not being able to be vaccinated until I was further along in the pregnancy, there were a few things we were being cautious with.


She was over the moon, as she had been really asking for another baby. We told our son a few weeks later and he was overjoyed too! He couldn’t wait to be a big brother and not just a little brother anymore!

So far it seems to be quite different from my last pregnancy but not dissimilar to my first in one way. I suffered from SPD during both my pregnancies, from about 28 weeks on our daughter and from about 12 weeks on our son.

It was absolutely horrific on my son and it made everything very, very difficult. I was having physio, wearing the support belt, I couldn’t drive because sometimes my legs wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do. It corrected itself immediately after birth and I never had to attend physio for it again.

So far, this time, I seem to be ok. Hopefully it stays away, but I’m prepared if it does.

Very reassuring

Then with regards to sickness and tiredness, I had the same symptoms on all pregnancies: extreme tiredness, nausea, very sensitive to smells and other sensory points to the point of being sick at even the thought of things and lots of heaving at random things. It passed about the same time on each pregnancy, at around 14 weeks.

We did a Panorama Test at 10 weeks. I had booked for a harmony test, but due to measurements and being unsure of my specific dates, they decided the Panorama screening was a better fit.

This was very reassuring, as we ruled out any genetic conditions and we found out we are having a baby boy!

Helping them bond

We felt it would be better for our other children to know the gender so as not to get hopes up for one or the other. We feel it has helped them to bond with him already.

I’m 22 weeks now and feeling good. I am a Montessori teacher and so it’s quite a physical job, but I’m managing ok so far. When I get home I am very tired but I think that’s normal, both for pregnancy and my age!!

I don’t have a birth plan, as I know that every pregnancy and birth are different. My first and second births were very different, though both were natural deliveries.

The nicest part

As it stands, I have a low-lying placenta which I know will mean if it stays that way will be a  C section. It’s not ideal, but it’s out of my hands so I’m trying to just accept that it’s a possibility that it may be what needs to happen for this little man to arrive here safely and at the end of the day that’s all we want.

I definitely think the nicest part of the pregnancy is the kicks, it’s such a great feeling. My daughter was the first to feel kicks from the outside of my tummy and she was so overjoyed she cried! I feel like that was just so special to her!

I love being pregnant, but it feels like it’s flying past. I know this will be our last, so I’m trying to enjoy it as best I can. I love how excited the other kids are to meet their baby brother and I’m so looking forward to seeing them in their new roles!

Pregnant mum-of-two Katie Costello describes her third pregnancy

My advice for preparing for baby

Try and stay open-minded. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, crib beside the bed, babywearing or pushing baby in a pram… everyone has ideas of what they want to do, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and that’s ok. Be adaptable. I believe that babies should fit into your life. Yes, you need to adjust, but having a baby shouldn’t stop you from living life.

My best pregnancy buy

My pregnancy pillow. Although sometimes I got tangled up in it when trying to roll over, it definitely helped me to sleep more comfortably.

My best baby buy

A baby caddy box. I stocked it with everything I might need in a day, nappies, wipes, creams, cotton wool, vests, sleepsuits, bibs, muslins, and at night I kept the formula pots and pre-made bottles on water. Never had to run around the house fetching bits and bobs as I restocked it every day.

My most surprisingly useful baby buy

A breastfeeding pillow. I never breastfed but we used it for tummy time, learning to sit up and for general snuggles with baby when they were small, without losing all feeling in our arms!

Katie was chatting with Penny Gray, a freelance editor and writer specialising in beauty, property, parenting, health and lifestyle. She has worked for TVNow, Salon Ireland, Irish Beauty, and was Editor of Maternity & Infant magazine. Most importantly, she is a proud mum of two!