Pregnancy can be a testing time as many feel unwell, tired and emotionally overwhelmed. Yoga can really help in achieving harmony of mind, body, and spirit during one of the most important private journeys of your life – pregnancy through to motherhood.

Pregnancy is probably the most profound psychological and physical transformation your body will undergo. Although it is a time of joy and delight, pregnancy can also be a time of uncertainty and fear, not to mention physical discomfort and emotional adjustment.

Pregnancy Yoga can address many of the physical issues such as back pain and heavy legs using sequences that are safe in an environment that is supportive. What’s more, because of prenatal yoga’s unique focus on the breath – with its ability to connect mind and body – it can help you feel more at ease in your changing body and connected to your growing baby.

We consulted Yoga expert and founder of Maria Kondrashova to ask her why Pregnancy Yoga could be beneficial for both mother and baby.

Maria said, “Now that you’re eating and breathing for two it can be hard to know how to exercise safely at pregnancy. Although exercising isn’t harmful to your baby, you may feel more comfortable practicing low-intensity workouts such as pregnancy yoga. For many, it’s a tool for switching off the mind and also a gentle yet strengthening exercise that will not put the body under any additional strain.”

The five main benefits of regular practice are physical and mental strength, reduced stress and anxiety, improved posture, stronger pelvic floor, and quicker postnatal recovery.

If you’re a London-based mum-to-be, check out Maria Kondrashova, the fabulous founder of Pom Mama.


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