With a new baby comes a lot of kit – but do you really need absolutely everything? Not necessarily…

Here we list what you really need to get, along with other items that might not be essential but can definitely make your newly hectic life a lot easier!

Babies may be small and compact but their needs are great, and the list of things you need to do and get before a new arrival can often be overwhelming. Not to mention expensive!

The good news is that you really don’t need to buy out the entire shop.

If you’re on a budget, it’s a very good idea to look at what you really need, what can be put off until a later date, and what isn’t entirely essential but might be a nice addition if you have the cash. You could even drop some hints if you think someone wants to get you a useful present.

The essentials…

Car Seat & Travel System

First things first – you need to get your baby home from the hospital! For most people, this means travelling by car, which means you must invest in a newborn car seat or baby carrier.

It’s essential that you purchase a new car seat, as the safety of a seat can be compromised by prior use or even a crash, and you might not know the history of a secondhand seat.

Our baby seats can be purchased separately or as part of a travel system. If you are planning on adding to your family, we recommend our Cupla Duo System, which includes all you need for your baby, from birth to walking, but can also be adapted to become a double buggy should a small sibling come along!

A Cot

New babies sleep a lot, and from day one you want somewhere comfortable for them to sleep – and somewhere perfectly safe to give you peace of mind.

Many new parents like the cosiness of a Moses Basket or a crib for very tiny babies, but these are not essential at all – if money is tight, remember that a cot is suitable from birth.

Choose one like our Starlight Cot, which has three base positions, meaning you can have the base higher for a small baby and lower it as your baby begins to move around.

The Best Mattress

An important purchase is a new mattress for whatever bed you choose.

Experts advise that you buy a new mattress for every new baby, as the safety and comfort of a mattress can be compromised by a previous baby’s weight.

Don’t feel that you need to spend a fortune on a mattress, however – Baby Elegance mattresses all comply with the most stringent of safety standards and start at a very affordable €30.


Naturally, you will also need something to keep your baby warm and snug at night.

Again, you can invest in all sorts of coordinated bedding and room décor but if you’re on a budget then a simpler option is a couple of fitted sheets and some Snuggle Pouches.

Taking the guesswork out of blankets (and of course the natural worry of a blanket covering your baby’s face in the middle of the night), a Snuggle Pouch ensures your baby is safe and warm all night long.


Now here’s where the gifts come in. You will find that clothing will make up the majority of gifts that you receive after having a baby, so when you’re preparing, go for the essentials.

Babies need changing a lot, so rather than going for full outfits, which can be tricky to put on and take off, invest in simple Sleepers and Vests. These are comfortable, easy to wear and wash, and quite simply an easy and convenient option.

Nice to Have…

Moses Basket

As mentioned above, a new baby doesn’t necessarily need a Moses basket, but they can be useful if you have the cash.

For one thing, they are portable, so you can easily bring it downstairs for daytime naps. Or even take with you if you’re heading for a night away from home.

Your baby also looks warm and cosy in a Moses basket, giving you perfect peace of mind!

Baby Bag

Babies may sleep and eat a lot, but they also need changing many times a day, and often at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s not completely essential, but a very nice addition is a Baby Bag, a carry bag designed to hold all your baby’s essentials, from bottles to nappies to a changing mat.

There’s no need to spend a fortune or go for something that looks awful – our Everyday Tote Bag is only €40 and is both practical and fashionable.

Baby Bath & Accessories

Babies can be washed anywhere. And when a baby is very new, it’s often easier to just use a bowl and cotton wool on the mat – but many new parents find a few accessories can help bathing a slippery baby a lot easier.

Baby Bath takes away the scariness of a tiny baby in a big bath, while a Bath Unit ensures you have your bath and enough storage for everything you need in one handy piece of furniture.

High Chair

This is something that can be categorised in the “Buy Later” list.

Most parents find a high chair invaluable when it comes to weaning – but as you won’t be weaning until approximately five or six months old, you can put off this purchase for a while.

And when you decide it’s time, don’t feel that you need to spend a fortune – our Salt & Pepper High Chair is only €45.