With all the buzz about the Royal Baby, we want to share our five top tips for creating a peaceful space that is chic enough for one…

1. Colours

The safest bet with a nursery is to opt for white or neutral wall paint. It will help in making the room feel peaceful and uncluttered. It is easy on the eyes, which gives the baby some much-needed rest from stimulating colours elsewhere in the house. Also, if you are planning to have more than one baby, you are keeping the room gender neutral and it will save you having to redesign multiple times.

That being said, soft pinks are very popular at the moment, with Farrow & Ball’s Middleton pink (no royal relation!) selling at record speed. Soft pink is not only stylish but it creates a warm and cosy space, perfect for a little girl. Likewise, soft blues are very calming and ideal for a little boy if you’re keen to keep the tradition.

Whatever your preference, we recommend choosing a soft shade that will help your little one to wind down before bed. And of course, the right cosy bedding helps.

Royal Baby Nursery 2

2. Lighting

It’s best to avoid harsh lighting in the nursery. Where possible, install a dimmer switch on overhead lighting fixtures, especially if they are positioned directly over the cot. If a dimmer is not easy to install, Ikea has paper lanterns for under €3/£3 that take the glare out of the lightbulb. It’s also a good idea to buy a little lamp for creating a dim, story-time glow.

3. Windows

Don’t forget to dress your windows. As your baby will be napping through the day, it’s important to get some blackout curtains or blinds in the nursery. This will help your little one sleep more comfortably and for longer. Especially in the summer months, when it is bright until late, it will help keep the room cool and dark – the optimum conditions for sleeping.

4. Safety first

Even before your baby is on the move, it’s best to safety proof all of the rooms, starting with the nursery. Make sure all sockets are covered and cords are tucked away, out of baby’s reach. Baby Elegance have safety packs for each room in the house to ensure you have everything you need to make the house a safe place.

Royal Baby Nursery 3

5. Matching furniture

When designing the nursery, the best way to create a chic space is to choose furniture that is all made from the same material and in the same colour. For example, if you go for white wood then stick with white wood for all the furniture. Start with the crib, which is the main investment piece for the room.

The crib will be used for 3 or more years in many cases and then if you’re planning to have more children, it can be used again and again. We recommend choosing a timeless and simple cot and match the rest of the nursery furniture to that. Baby Elegance has a range of furniture available exclusively from our Dundrum and Blanchardstown stores.

You can find most of what you need for your own royal baby in the Baby Elegance online shop or drop into your local store.