I’m a bit of a self-confessed buggy addict. Between purchases, hand me downs from family members and writing reviews, we have tried a lot of buggies. In our 4 years of being parents, we’ve tried almost every brand out there. My wife laughs at me every time I arrive home with a new set of wheels!

But to be fair, your buggy is one item which you use constantly and having a suitable one will make a huge impact on your daily activities and how easy it is to get from A to B. So it’s worth finding the right one for you.

Lightweight strollers are all the rage now. Even those that are super lightweight have the capacity to be converted to a travel system. This is amazing news, but the one feature that these systems often lack is the ability to parent face the child. And that’s something that I really missed. So when I heard about the new Drift Travel System, and its ability to parent and forward face – I knew we had to try it out.

The award-winning ‘Drift Travel System’ by Baby Elegance, is designed to be used from birth to 22kg, first with a bassinet or car seat attachment and then with the main seat. It retails at a very reasonable €349. For this price, you get the bassinet attachment as well as the main stroller and rain cover. Optional extras include universal car seat adaptors. But FYI- it will work with the Baby Elegance car seat with no need for adaptors.

The frame weighs just under 7kg which is incredibly light for a travel system with all of the features that it includes.

Features We Love

  • Easy to push/manoeuvre
  • Easy to fold
  • All in one folding without need to remove the seat -Forward and parent facing options
  • Sleek design and durable fabrics
  • Lightweight while still feeling sturdy
  • Convenient carry handle when folded


I really love the look and feel of this stroller. It’s sleek and modern looking, with really durable fabrics. The design is thoughtful and the mechanics of the fold are superb. We also decided to purchase a buggy board to use in conjunction with the Drift for our 4-year-old daughter Ava. This is a much more compact solution than having a double stroller- and ideal for children who need a bit of a helping hand but also want to jump off and walk for part of the journey. I would just caution that if you are very short, this option may not be the best as you need quite long arms to make this comfortable.

I suppose the one downside to this buggy if I’m being completely honest is that it feels like we may have gotten it too late. It would have been perfect for Arya when she was a newborn and a younger baby. So while she is now still well within the weight limit at 20 months, she feels on the verge of being too big for the buggy.

So if you are expecting or have a very young toddler, I couldn’t recommend this travel system enough. It’s excellent value for money while still being of great quality and design.

Who knows- maybe we will be lucky enough to have another little one and we will then get the full use of this excellent travel system right from the early days of having a newborn.

Ranae x


Ranae has become an outspoken advocate for equal LGBT+ rights in Ireland and over the last 3 years has brought the plight of children of LGBT+ families into the public eye- largely through the platform of social media. She believes that all families deserve respect and recognition, no matter how they were created. Ranae co-founded the Equality for Children campaign in 2019 and is the current CEO.