When it comes to buying for twins, one of the most important items is some sort of double buggy/pushchair or travel system – and as this tends to be the most expensive item, it can feel like something of a minefield!

To make things a little easier, here at Baby Elegance we have assembled some top tips for choosing your twin travel solution.

Safety check

As with everything for your baby, safety is of paramount importance. All Baby Elegance travel systems and buggies/pushchairs meet the European Pushchairs and Prams Standard, EN1888. These standards really put buggies through their paces and ensure the systems are built to a high standard.

Twin Baby Safety

Travel system vs. pushchair

A travel system is a buggy/pushchair frame that holds a range of other parts – usually a seat unit (toddler seat), carrycot, and car seat. The seat unit is normally forward and rearward facing, which allows you to have baby face you and also turn it to forward-facing when it’s time to explore.

Travel systems are usually more expensive, simply because they will suit babies from birth right up to when they no longer need a double buggy.

The carrycot is also great for naps during the day during the first six months. If this is your first baby and you have no other equipment, a travel system can work out as cheaper than buying pieces separately.


The pushchair options on the other hand will have a fixed seat connected to the frame of the unit. The seat will normally have an adjustable backrest that allows you to recline it to use from either 6 months or from birth in some cases. 

A double buggy tends to be a little lighter than travel systems however they normally don’t offer the flexibility that you will find in a travel system and also in a lot of cases the comfort for the newborn, especially from the 0 – 6 months stage.

What to look for in a twin travel system

When searching and comparing travel systems for twins here are a few of our recommendations to look for.

  1. It’s great to have the flexibility of being able to face your little ones forward or rearward when out and about. This can protect them if walking into the wind, allow you to keep a close eye, and allow them to explore the world when looking ahead.
  2. Whilst carry cots for newborns are beautiful, with twins it means having 2 of them. This adds a lot more “bits” than you might be able to bring with you or store when needed. Keep an eye out for a twin travel system that allows you to convert the seat unit into a carry cot. This not only tends to save you cost but also means when finished with the carry cot at around 6 months, it then can be used as the pushchair up to around 22kg in most cases. The Cupla Duo is a great example of a twin travel system that the seat converts or you have the option to purchase separate carrycots should you wish to do so.
  3. A large basket – you’re going to need it
  4. Look for ease of use – travel systems can be fiddly, so go for an option that is easy to use. Look, too, for little touches that show the manufacturer has thought about your baby’s needs. For example, a brake on that’s easy to access, a triple-section hood and sun visor or viewing window at the back, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby when walking.

Think about your car seat

A system that can hold an infant carrier is handy if you’re transporting baby from car to pushchair on a regular basis. Being able to simply click the carrier onto the chassis means you can get from car to where you need to be without waking your baby or causing a fuss.

You first need to check that your seat is compatible with your car seat if you are not buying a whole system. Alternatively, check that the manufacturer of your system offers adaptors that can fit your car seat to the chassis.

As well as offering our own infant carriers that are compatible with our travel systems, we offer adaptors for the popular Maxi Cosi infant carriers for our Cúpla Duo other twin travel systems.

At Baby Elegance, we have a travel system to suit your needs!